Thorlabs Swept Source OCT

Thorlabs Swept Source OCT

It contains everything for system control, data acquisition, processing
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The pre-installed SS-OCT software contains everything needed for system control, data acquisition, processing, and file management. The software provides flexible control of image size, brightness, contrast, and the A-line average. The OCT data may be displayed in 2D or 3D mode. The software allows real-time recording of 2D or 3D data into disk files at full imaging speed. For the 3D imaging mode, the probe beam is sequentially scanned across the sample surface area, and the 3D volume data set under this area is acquired, processed, and stored. 3D volume rendering capability of the data is provided with the preinstalled Matlab software. This package includes sample scripts for standard data collection and file management, but is also user-customizable.

Review summary


  • Multiple features available for data analysis.
  • Hi-tech components available


  • It is extremely expensive.
  • Only can be used with its hardware
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